What does working at Dreamscape Painting look like?

  • $17-35 per hour, based on skill set
  • Career advancement based on clear objectives and skill development
  • Extended health benefits
  • Apprenticeship program and Red Seal tuition support – create a career you can be proud of
  • Vacation pay
  • Ongoing education and training
  • A stable and personal growth-oriented workplace
  • A safe workplace with up-to-date equipment
  • An organized and tech savvy company
  • Encouragement of ideas and hard work

Join Our Winning Team And Have a Chance To Grow With Our Company

What are you looking for in a career? A great work environment? A job that is both challenging and fulfilling? Maybe you want the chance to become an expert at something through long-term work for a stable and well-recognized company. And it’s always amazing to know that your work makes people’s lives more beautiful and provides a service to the community. At Dreamscape Painting, we offer all of that and much more.

Dreamscape House Painting

Interior Home Painting

At Dreamscape Painting, We Invest in Our Employees

It isn’t a cliche to say that having the right team really does make all the difference. We value our employees, because they are the heart of the company. We know that well-trained, qualified, and enthusiastic professionals not only offer the best service, they also make our team stronger. We take pride in our continuity and have team leaders and employees who have been with us for decades. When you work with us, we help you become the very best.

Hire Nice, Train To Paint

Dreamscape Painting Team

At Dreamscape, no painting experience is necessary. What is required is a good attitude, an eagerness to learn, and attention to detail. We look first to hire quality people, who know that part of their job is interacting with our valued clients and making them comfortable. Life > Work and our goal is to surround ourselves with the finest people we can find, we know we can always train skills, but you can’t train character.

We have a commitment to quality work and a commitment to our quality employees.

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