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Get to know just a few of the "Fine People" that make up Dreamscape Painting.

Meet The Team

Rene Z


Dustin Z


Dan Z


Jeremy V


Amy W

Office Manager

Casey S

Site Supervisor

Gavin B

Site Supervisor

Jake B

Site Supervisor

Jaden M

Site Supervisor

Romain C

Site Supervisor

Kevin H

Site Supervisor

Farrell M

Site Supervisor


Future Employee

Join A Winning Team

Curious about what a career in painting could look like for you? We are constantly looking for “Fine People” who have time, talents and abilities they are looking to invest.

What are you looking for in a career? A great work environment? A job that is both challenging and fulfilling? Maybe you want the chance to become an expert at something through long-term work for a stable and well-recognized company. We love that our work makes people’s lives more beautiful and provides a service to the community. At Dreamscape Painting, we offer all of that and much more.

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